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Meet Jim Herblin

Jim Herblin is a candidate for State Representative, House District 61.

A proud native Texan, husband, father and grandfather, Jim desires to lead Texas back to a place of strength. Like so many of you, Jim was raised on common sense and conservative values. Our current GOP elected officials, who have controlled the Texas House since 2002, have failed to pass our grassroots’ legislative priorities. Jim decided to run for state representative to provide bold, unapologetic, and common-sense leadership.

As a forensic accountant and small business owner, Jim understands how to balance a budget and stop wasteful spending. Jim will lead the fight to fix our broken property tax system.

Jim believes in our Republican Party of Texas platform, and he will lead the charge to enact policies consistent with those pro-Texas and pro-family planks. His priorities include:

  • Term Limits
  • Border Security
  • Abolition of Abortion
  • Fix Election Integrity
  • School Choice for All
  • Monument Protection
  • Eliminate Property Tax
  • Oppose Sanctuary Cities
  • Ban Critical Race Theory
  • Stop Government Overreach
  • Support Second Amendment
  • Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying
  • Ban Gender Modification of Children

Jim and his wife Dana live in Collin County, Texas.

Priority Issues

Texas Values

As your State Representative for District 61, I will not “go along to get along.” I will speak out and stand up for our legislative priorities as itemized in our Texas GOP Platform. Texans deserve leaders who will tell the truth and put Texas first. Republican politicians have been in charge for decades, and yet we struggle to achieve our legislative goals. Even after three special sessions, the 87th Legislature has failed to provide secure borders, property tax relief, monument protection, school choice, protection of our children from radical gender modification, freedom from government mandates, and election security. It’s time for new leadership.

Property Tax

Texas has one of the highest property tax burdens in the country. People are literally being taxed out of their homes. I agree with Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts:

“Texans will never experience the peace of mind that comes with owning their homes until property taxes are eliminated. Today, they are counting on the Texas Legislature to at least provide immediate tax relief and permanent changes to the Texas property tax system. Public polling shows that over 75% of Texans say that property taxes are a serious burden on them and their families and want the legislature to address it during the special session.”

Election Integrity

Texans are losing faith in our elections. The “runaway” Democrats recently fled to D.C. and are fighting tooth and nail to stop common-sense measures like voter ID. Following that effort to break quorum and stop the election integrity bill, the Texas Legislature passed and the Governor signed HB 1, which purported to make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat.” Contained in HB 1, however, were reductions in voter fraud penalties. Before the passage of HB 1, it was a Class 2 Felony to vote when ineligible, vote using another person’s ballot, change another person’s ballot or vote in multiple states. HB 1 reduced the penalty from a felony to a misdemeanor. The Texas Legislature must now fix our election law to deter the ever-increasing voter fraud in our elections.

Immigration and Border Security

I support legal immigration, but we must protect our Texas border and stop the unprecedented flow of migrants currently flooding our cities. Texas is experiencing a full-blown invasion which is crippling our border towns and endangering our citizens. Human trafficking and drug cartels are running rampant, and the border patrol is outnumbered. Our federal government will never enforce our laws, so it is left up to Texas. We must finish the border wall and use the Texas National Guard along with available law enforcement officers to supplement the border patrol until the wall and further enforcement measures are in place. “Strategic fencing” is inadequate and will do nothing to stop the cartels. Building materials and contracts were already in place when Biden took office. Texas has to step in and finish the job.

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