What Patriots are saying about Jim…


“I endorse Jim Herblin for District 61 representative. Jim is a true no-nonsense straight shootin’ conservative that says and does what’s right for his constituents and not what’s popular.  He provides the facts without the political sugarcoating “ – Joseph A Boduch, Precinct Chair

“After being disappointed (or appalled) by RINOs representing me in Austin, it is a joyous thing to be able to endorse a candidate like Jim Herblin who will actually stand up for his constituents and vote his convictions and theirs. Having known Jim for 25 years, I know without a doubt that he has a backbone of steel instead of a backbone of spaghetti!  On top of that, his career as a forensic CPA who sniffs out fraud and graft and testifies in court makes him the most qualified watchdog in Texas history!!  I am honored to cast my vote (not just for myself, but for the future of my family), for Jim Herblin for State Rep for House District 61 and I strongly recommend you do the same!” – Wade Hulcy, CEO of KONOS Homeschool Curriculum

“Jim Herblin is the conservative voice we need in the Texas State House. He boldly acts on conservative values that Collin County Republicans hold. He will unapologetically uphold the Texas Constitution with excellence and fight for the liberties Texans are afforded in this great state and nation. Jim Herblin has my endorsement for Texas House District 61.” – Stacey Watts, Precinct Chair

“Jim Herblin will make an outstanding State Representative. He will not leave legislative priorities on the table. He will advance Republican issues voted on by our state delegates. Representing the people will be his priority.” –  Suzanne Blackstone, Precinct Chair

“I’ve had the opportunitiy to meet Jim and feel he is the strongest candidate to run in the 61st State House District. I hope you’ll join me in endorsing his candidacy. – Judith Neal

“Jim Herblin is the strong conservative Republican we need now, more than ever, in the Texas State House! Jim Herblin is the fighter we need to help keep Collin County and Texas conservative. Jim Herblin is the right leader at the right time.” – Sue Silver, Precinct Chair

“Jim Herblin brings the honesty, tenacity and integrity we desperately need to keep all Texans free. I’m proud to endorse Jim because he is clearly a patriot and not a typical politician.” – Marisa Williams, Precinct Chair

“I am enthusiastically endorsing Jim Herblin for State Representative, District 61.” – Sebrena Kimberly, Precinct Chair

“Jim is a trustworthy Texan who will put Texas first in the house.” – Lisa Akerly, Precinct Chair

“Jim Herblin is ready to lead and get things done, he’s ready to challenge the Go-along to Get-along Austin way of representing voters and willing to fight for the issues we care about.” – John Montes, Collin County Leader

“Voters in McKinney HD 61, here’s the man for the job! Support Jim Herblin for Texas House!” – Terry Wade, Caucus Chair

“I cannot think of a better person for this extraordinary and crucial time in Texas history for the TX legislature than my friend Jim Herblin. Thank you for your willingness to serve and lead our great state! Good luck, Jim! – Mike Daugherty

“Jim is a good strong conservative that will stand up and get done what needs to be done. I support Jim.” – Timothy Baker

“In the 1990s I was Jim’s campaign manager for Richardson School Board, because Jim was a fighter who refused to cave! We need Jim in Austin to replace go-along-to-get-along cavers!” – Jessica Hulcy, Co-Author KONOS, Precinct Chair

“Jim Herblin and I have been friends for many years. I have known Jim both through our church and in our community. I am proud to endorse Jim for state representative.” – David Herron, Retired Battalion Chief, McKinney Fire Department

“Jim Herblin will fight for our issues and be a bold leader for our legislative priorities. I proudly endorse Jim Herblin for state representative.” – Keresa Richardson, Collin County Leader

“Jim Herblin and Jim Herblin for Texas are my pick for HD 61! As the newly elected Pct chair #57 #herblinforhouse is my choice for sure! We need a representative that will stand for the State Constitution and the party platform. Jim Herblin is that man!” – Jordan Hulcy, Precinct Chair

“If you’re looking for a candidate that will stand up to the RINOS in Austin, this is your guy. If you’re tired of conservative issues not being addressed by the Republican majority, he will challenge that. HD 61 has been represented by a nice guy, but we need action, and he will take action. I proudly endorse Jim Herblin. As I’ve gotten to know him, I’ve been impressed every time I’m around him. Class, character and a desire to fight for Texans.”  – Bryan Cole, Precinct Chair

I have served alongside Jim Herblin, resident in Celina’s ETJ, as a Collin County precinct chair for the past 4 years and have come to know Jim to be a stand-up and principled man who truly believes in freedom and liberty.  As your Celina precinct chairman, I strongly support Jim Herblin for representative of the Texas State House and hope you will do the same.  –   Philip Ferguson, Precinct Chair

“As a State Rep for House District 61, Jim Herblin will be a bold and courageous champion for life and liberty!” – Kathy-Ann Rivard, Precinct Chair

“Thank you for running! We need your conservative voice in Austin!” – Michael Belt

“As a former precinct chair, I know Jim Herblin has a conservative spine of steel and will stand up against the Austin liberal establishment.” – Ann Lieber, Former Precinct Chair

“If you don’t already know, our own Jim Herblin is running for Texas State House Representative for District 61. He has shown over the years that he is a principled, conservative mind and is willing to stand strong for a Texas conservative platform, unlike the present office holder (whose only achievement has been being a “nice guy”).” – Shawn Turner, Prosper

“I am a proud supporter of Jim Herblin. We need people like him in office to get the job done! You have my 100% support! Jim Herblin for HD 61.” – Mik Messer, Precinct Chair

“My husband Paul and I gladly endorse Jim Herblin for Texas House District 70. We are pro-life and we wouldn’t vote for anyone who isn’t. Jim Herblin is pro-life and our vote is for Jim!” – Rachel Batluck Elliott, Precinct Chair, McKinney

“If you want a leader who will stand strong for our conservative principles, Jim Herblin is your candidate. I support Jim Herblin for state representative! Jim will stand for us in Austin!” – Amy Lancaster, Prosper

“I am pleased to endorse Jim Herblin as a candidate for office. I have had the pleasure of working with Jim in precinct committee platform recommendation activities. I have been very impressed by his skill, motivation, and consistency in a number of key areas that are critical for effective public service. These attributes include the ability to listen, lead, articulate, propose practical action, and act on his commitments. Jim is a person who would serve his constituency in an effective and impactful manner in Austin.” – James McLean, Lavon, TX

“Excellent News! Looking forward to supporting you, Jim!” – Liz James

“Stand up for your constitutional rights. It’s only a matter of time before you won’t be able to do anything without the permission of a communist government that will require proof of vaccination. You’re either going to stand up for your rights or not. Do we want Texas to end up like New York?”  – Nicole Ray, Prosper

“Awesome patriot! Just what we need in Austin! Jim has my support!” – Pat Fix, McKinney

“Go Jim!” –  Pamela Meaney, Precinct Chair, McKinney

“Great to see Jim Herblin committing to offer his services in a public office. Businessman for sure!!! NOT a politician. We need more men and women that do not see public service as a career. Jim is blunt and plain-spoken; my kind of man!” – Johnny Warren, Pilot Point

“For all of my friends in District 61 – you need to vote for Jim Herblin!” – Elle Larkin

“Thank you for all the information you shared. A breath of fresh air!!! Thank you, Amy, for introducing Jim Herblin for Texas!” – Pam Bird, Celina

“I know Jim will wholeheartedly fight to keep District 61 BRIGHT REPUBLICAN RED.” – Cindy Hyltin, Precinct Chair

Thanks to These Patriots for Their Endorsement!

Paula Adams, Plano

Mike Adams, Plano

Lisa Akerly, Frisco

Jan Baldwin, Allen

Timothy Baker, McKinney

Michael Belt

Mackenzie Berglund

Max Bird, Celina

Pam Bird, Celina

Dianna Biscan, Plano

Michelle Bishop, Allen

Suzanne Blackstone

Linda Block, Dallas

Joseph Boduch, Frisco

Gary Bohannon, Precinct Chair

Paula Cheek, Allen

Bryan Cole, Precinct Chair, Prosper

Bob Collins, Precinct Chair, Farmersville

Fred Costa, Future Precinct Chair, Prosper

Robin Crenshaw, Celina

Michael Crenshaw, Celina

Mike Daugherty, Prosper

Tamara Daugherty, Prosper

Janelle Davis

Gary Dickson

Dane Douglas, Precinct Chair

Jared Elad, Precinct Chair

Rachel Elliott, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Andrew Evans, Precinct Chair, Aubrey

Dallas Fears, Prosper

Roland Feldman, Former Fairview City Council

John Fenter, McKinney

Philip Ferguson, Precinct Chair, Celina

Pat Fix, McKinney

Paul Frueh, Precinct Chair, New Hope

Glen Fulce, Precinct Chair, Allen

Don Gooch, Frisco

Sandra Halsey, Precinct Chair, Plano

Ben Hangartner, Celina Planning and Zoning, Celina

David Herron, Retired McKinney Battalion Chief, McKinney Fire Department

Linda Howard, Frisco

Erin Hufstetler, Precinct Chair, Allen

Jessica Hulcy, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Jordan Hulcy, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Wade Hulcy, McKinney

Cindy Hyltin

Liz James, Precinct Chair, Anna

Muniraj Janagarajan, Precinct Chair

Diann Jones, Precinct Chair, Anna

Stephen Kallas, Former Precinct Chair, McKinney

Daniel Kim

Sebrena Kimberly, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Tom Klein, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Lucinda Knebel

Debbie Krafcheck, Allen

Gary Kruse, Precinct Chair, SD 30 Resolutions Chair, Royce City

Amy Lancaster, Prosper

Elle Larkin

Eric Lee, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Ann Lieber, Former Precinct Chair

Victoria Manusos, Plano

Kathy Markoff

Mary Martin, Precinct Chair, Frisco

Phyllis Mason, Frisco

Jena Masquelier, Frisco

C.D. Mayfield, Precinct Chair, Melissa

Deborah McClure, The Colony

Gary McClure, The Colony

Jim McLean, SD 30 Resolutions Committee, Lavon

Pamela Meaney, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Ann Mellon-Campbell

Mik Messer, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Meigs Miller, Prosper City Council, Prosper

John Montes, Precinct Captain, McKinney

Judith Neal

Donna Orlando, McKinney

Cindy Patterson, Richardson

Joanna Patterson, Richardson

Tad Preston, Frisco

Melinda Preston, Frisco

Nicole Ray, Prosper

Stephani Reazor, Precinct Chair, Celina

Josh Reid, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Jim Reinarz, McKinney

Heather Richardson, Former Precinct Chair, Weston Alderman, Weston

Keresa Richardson, McKinney

Kathi-Ann Rivard, Precinct Chair, SD 30 Resolutions Committee, Prosper

Teri Lynn Roberson, Precinct Chair, Celina

Troy Roberson, Precinct Chair

JJ Roomsburg, Precinct Chair, Melissa

David Russell, Precinct Chair, Wylie

Ann Sampson, Former Precinct Chair, McKinney

Jeff Sawyer, Future Precinct Chair, McKinney

Julie Schwanke

Maurice Schwanke

Marilyn Sevin, Precinct Chair, Plano

Krista Schild, Royce City

Jane Anne Sellars, Frisco

Sue Silver, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Kyle Sims, Former Precinct Chair, Former Caucus Chair, McKinney

Dick Smith, Former Precinct Chair, Prosper

Gary Smith, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Theresa Struckmeyer, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Heather Tanner, True Texas Project Director, Precinct Chair

Michael Thomas

Deborah Thorne, Frisco

Lucy Towle, Prosper

Angie Turnbull

Jim Turner, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Shawn Turner, Prosper

Sonia Vigen, Lucas

Karl Voigtsberger, Precinct Chair, Richardson

Terry Wade, Precinct Chair, Caucus Chair, Plano

Johnny Warren, Pilot Point

Robert Warren

Tammy Warren

Stacey Watts, Precinct Chair

Jennifer White, Frisco

Matt Wied, Precinct Chair, Wylie

Marisa Williams, Precinct Chair, McKinney

Bob Willis

Brenda Willis

Greg Winsor, Corinth

Ivan Wong

Kathy Woolston, Frisco