Texas has one of the highest property tax burdens in the country. People are literally being taxed out of their homes. Our current system of property tax means that you never truly own your home. You may spend a lifetime paying off your mortgage, only to lose your home in retirement due to skyrocketing property taxes.

A constitutional amendment that places property taxes on a “path to zero” should be proposed and voted on by every Texan. Secondly, a stronger cap on state spending that ensures public schools are prioritized and fully funded will phase out the current property tax system.

I agree with Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts:

“Texans will never experience the peace of mind that comes with owning their homes until property taxes are eliminated. Today, they are counting on the Texas Legislature to at least provide immediate tax relief and permanent changes to the Texas property tax system. Public polling shows that over 75% of Texans say that property taxes are a serious burden on them and their families and want the legislature to address it during the special session.

“Unfortunately, the plan presently under consideration in the Texas House does not lower property taxes immediately or provide for long term reductions. Proposed checks that would provide some relief will likely be taxable under IRS regulations and will end up hurting many Texans come tax time. Even more concerning, there are no permanent changes to the system that would compress rates over time. TPPF encourages the House and Senate to ensure property tax bills are lower now by prioritizing compression of school district property tax rates in conference of SB 1 and continue to give taxpayers the relief they deserve.”

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